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May 7, 2010 Author: Fan of Jennifers | Filed under: Porn

In her prime, Jennifer Connelly was one bafflingly beautiful woman with perfectly shaped massive breasts, porcelain skin, cherry red lips, alluring eyes and amazingly carved body. It’s embarrassing to say but I still keep a naked poster of Jennifer Connelly on my wall back in the late 90’s. That poster of her has kept my cold nights hot as hell as I dream of driving my hard cock in her succulent pussy night after night.

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Jennifer Connelly Porn Pictures

Jun 18, 2008 Author: Fan of Jennifers | Filed under: Porn

Ever since Jennifer Connelly started out in Hollywood when she was just barely out of her teens with such memorable films as Once Upon a Time in America and Labyrinth, you could see that Jennifer has the potentials of becoming a genuine actress aside from her stunning beauty and innocence… her long, black straight hair… those lovely pair of eyes… her innocent teen aura is so sexy and alluring that she definitely fits to become one of those pretty glossy teen angel models! Every one of us fell in love or had a crush on her and even up to this day whenever I get to see her on TV or in movies, she never fails to make me so dreamy and starry-eyed. And it would be much more better if you get to see her all hot and horny with a lot of hardcore fucking and sucking going on between her and some of her fuck buddies with these kinky porn pictures we have in store for you at Jennifer Connelly Porn Pictures.

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Jennifer way too skinny

Apr 9, 2008 Author: Fan of Jennifers | Filed under: News

What happened to the buxom star of “The Hot Spot” and “The Rocketeer”? Jennifer Connelly has gotten way too skinny nowadays. She used to wow fans with her topless scenes in some of her early movies. Now that she has an Oscar award and Hollywood credibility, does that mean that she does not care about her used-to-be voluptuous body? Is it because she does not need to bare all to get some attention to her movies?

Anyway, eat some more Jennifer. We all know you can act. You don’t have to bare those beautiful breasts of yours anymore; it’s done and all in the past. But please put on some weight! There’s nothing wrong with losing a little fat, but not to the point that you look like you’re starving.

Jennifer, Keanu team-up

Apr 9, 2008 Author: Fan of Jennifers | Filed under: Movies

Jennifer Connely and Keanu Reeves have been tapped for the lead roles in the upcoming 20th Century Fox’s remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. The star of “Labyrinth” is set to portray Helen Benson, the role played by Patricia Neal in the original 1951 film while Reeves plays Klaatu, the humanoid alien who arrives on earth with a message of peace.

Another Oscar winner, Kathy Bates, is reportedly in negotiation to join the cast. If ever the talks go through, she will play the owner of the guesthouse in which Klaatu hides, a perfect fit for the talented actress.
Scott Derrickson (“The Exorcism of Emily Rose”) will direct this movie, set to start filming in December for the Vancouver-based production. The screenplay for this remake of the science fiction classic was written by author Ryne Douglas Pearson.

Jennifer is currently filming a comedy (“He’s Not that into You”) along with ensemble cast Drew Barrymore, Scarlet Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Kevin Connolly and Ginnifer Goodwin. Keanu has just finished shooting crime drama “The Night Watchman” alongside Best Actor Forest Whitaker, Chris Evans and House star, Hugh Laurie.

This upcoming team-up between Connelly and Reeves is definitely something to look forward to. Keanu is no rookie in science fiction films, having starred in the “Matrix” trilogy as well as “Johnny Mnemonic”. Jennifer also has a stellar list of movies under her belt, ensuring good performances for this movie.

Jennifer goes to CAA

Apr 9, 2008 Author: Fan of Jennifers | Filed under: News

The award-winning actress has signed with Century City agency after her former agent, Risa Shapiro, left ICM to form a management company alongside Melanie Greene. Connelly is currently shooting two films, a remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with Keanu Reeves for Fox films, and an animated postapocalyptic movie “9” opposite Elijah Wood for Focus Features.

The Oscar winner recently finished wrapping up “He’s Just Not That Into You”. The movie is an adaptation of the best-selling novel by Greg Behrendt, produced by Drew Barrymore’s Flower Films for New Line Cinema. Recent works by the actress are “Little Children” and “Blood Diamond”, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

Husband and wife to work together

Apr 9, 2008 Author: Fan of Jennifers | Filed under: Movies

When real-life couples work together and play opposite each other on the big screen, a layer of “reality” is thrown into the mix, especially if the couple play lovers in the movie. Kind of makes the watcher see the way the two would really make love in real life, huh? Anyway, Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany have signed on to star in the psychological thriller “Born”. The movie will be directed by Daniel Simpson and produced by Guillermo del Toro, Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin and horror author Clive Barker, in an executive producer role.

The two will portray a married couple who settles down in a nice English town and start raising a family. A peaceful life is shattered when Bettany’s character’s creations (he plays a claymation artist) comes to life. His creations wreak havoc in the couple’s married life as they act out nightmares that one can only dream of. Simpson wrote the script alongside Barker and Paul Kaye. This is the first project for the Los Angeles-based finance and production shingle ClearVision Media Production Group. No word on the release of this movie yet.

This movie might just be something that breaks through in the horror genre. Barker is famous for creating hellish creatures both in screenplays and his best-selling horror novels. Coupled with Connelly and Bettany’s real-life and on-screen chemistry, this upcoming movie is looking to be a blast.

“Some Girls” now on DVD

Apr 9, 2008 Author: Fan of Jennifers | Filed under: Movies

The 1988 romantic comedy starring Patrick Dempsey and Jennifer Connely is now available on DVD. The move must have been to capitalize on the two’s recent success (Dempsey in “Grey’s Anatomy” and Connelly’s Oscar-winning performance in “A Beautiful Mind”). Anyway, the DVD is available for fans of the two celebrities. Those who were not able to watch it before can now do so in clear DVD format.

The movie is about a young couple’s “dream” vacation when Gabby (Connelly) invites Michael (Dempsey) to spend Christmas with her family in Quebec. When they arrive, Michael is greeted by Gabby’s weird writer father who mostly wanders around the house naked, two sisters who immediately flirt with him, Gabby’s mother who is all frosty towards him and Gabby’s grandmother who mistakes him for her long-dead husband. A weird family makes for a weird story. Watch Dempsey when he was still skinny and Connelly when she was still a voluptuous and cherubic 18 year old sweetie. The movie was directed by Michael Hoffman and produced by super star Robert Redford himself.